I am really happy to introduce a cool label which is owend by a very talentet friend of mine. And it is really about time to write something about *X*plosion! 🙂 *X*plosion has some cool, hot and trendy clothes. But not only for female avatars, also for male ones. Its range contains everything a avatar needs: clothes, skins, hair … And its wonderful created shopping sim is worth a visit!

Today I am showing you some of the latest releases from *X*plosion.

First of all you should know that you can buy whole outfits, as well as single pieces and you can all combine together. So you can create your own outfit of single pieces… 😉
I decided to go for the “BobbesJeans Capri” in light blue. It’s a really low cut capri and looks really cool with high boots as well.

The “BobbesJeans” goes perfectly together with the awsome “SpaceJacket”. This jacket comes with a lot of extras. You can change the texture to leather and you can change the colour of every part you can find on the jacket. It also comes with two shirts: the sexy bra and a really short turtleneck jersey.
The hair is called “Jenna” and I chose the onyx version. I think it is a lovely and at the same time kind of sexy haircut and matches very well with casual as well as sexy outfits.

Last but not least: Here’s my personal highlight of this outfit….. The “X-Star Shoes SkullWings”! I think it’s a really cute idea to create some cool sneakers with some wings. I totally like this gimmick! 🙂 The sneakers are also available without the wings. And you can style them your own way: you can change the colour of each part and make them look unique to the outfit you are wearing.

And here some news about *X*posion:
Next weekend (saturday and sunday) there is going to be a special with the store cards! You can save up to 50% buying one. For example the 5000L$ card – you can buy it for 2500L$!

I hope I could make you a little curious about *X*plosion and you consider a visit at its sim at you next shopping trip! 🙂


It was about time for a new posting, wasn’t it? Real life kept and keeps me busy and styling and blogging takes its time. As well as it needs inspirations. Well, I had some spare time lately and a special part of my inventory inspired me to do a mix and match with stuff from my big big inventory. 🙂
I guess you know that a good styling does not need new stuff so maybe I am able to inspire you to create a new look with clothes you already have. 😉

So let’s get started:
First there is the part of this outfit, that made me search my inventory for fitting parts. The “Mini High Waisted Skirt” (Snake Stripes) from Luck Inc.. This skirt is something special, not only because of its wide range of colours and designs. I extremly like the shadowing of the upper part.
Now my next mission was to find a matching shirt. I liked most the “lizzy tee grey” from the “london outfit” from Dutch Touch. It is simple but sexy enough to go perfect together with the high waist skirt.
But what about the boots? I have lots of black and brown ones and a lots of sneakers. After some trying I found that the Maitreya “Dune Boots” (Powder Pink) fits nice together with the “nylon stockings rolled” from the Dutch Touch group gift march.
As well from Dutch Touch is the “Jolie” skin (cream – smokey) still my current favourit.
And every outfit needs some accessoirs. 😉 I am still into scarfs so I decided to wear the “border fringe stole S-gray” from massimo! together with the “LE.LOOK! la femme – gloves” from League.
The finish of this outfit comes with the Maitreya “Zoe” hair in platinum and the addiXion “LOVE GUN” tattoo.

Now, I hope you like my mix and matching. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

Dutch Touch
Luck Inc.

Long time has passed since I made the entry about my “Bella Swan” style, but I am still inspired by her simple streetstyle. I really like it and that’s the reason why I went shopping straight for stuff that “Bella” might wear. Maybe it is not the way how everybody would style her, but I think it would fit quite very well. 😉

First of all I needed a basic jeans just as simple as jeans can be. Actually I have a lot of different jeans at my virtual closet, but either they have too many prints or applications or I already posted them. So I went for the Dutch Touch jeans “Reg Fit” at the light dirty washed style. Just perfect for a simple streetstyle.
The Aitui “Baseball Tee – Samurai” in lit beige caught my eye immediately. I loved it from the first moment on and it goes perfectly well with the Aoharu “Military Coat” in brown.

Another thing that might be worn by “Bella” could be some turtleneck sweater because they have something cosy and sweet. The “Warm Sweater” in dust from Aitui is one which is simple but cool. I really like the prim buttons here!

This one might be a bit too daring for “Bella” but at the end I don’t really think so, otherwise I would not have chosen it to show you. It is a combination from Aitui‘s “The Marriage” in muted clay, the “Cory Cardi” in cream from Atomic and the freebie “LE.LOOK!” male scarf from Miel.

What I really like about all three outfits here is the fact, that they can be combined among each other. And that not only due to the fact – as you already might have noticed – that I always decided for brown/creamy colours, because I think they fit most perfectly with “Bella’s” charakter, as these coulors are simple and nothing bright.

Last but not least there are two unavoidable and necessary things for a style around the charakter “Bella Swan”: the skin and the hair. After I decided for me with the last post about “Bella” there is no more perfect hair than the one of the Abyss full avatar, I have to admit that I was wrong with that. The hairstyle “Sasha” from Truth (worn in mocha) is – in my opinion – as perfect as the one from Abyss.
The skin I am wearing is as simple as great and lovely to see comes from Dutch Touch and is called “JoLIe” with the creamy skin tone and smokey make up.

I am sure, most of you readers have heard from all shops I mentioned. But just in case, here the credits:

Dutch Touch

I love leggings


Hello world!

First of all I’d like to wish you a very happy new year! I hope you all had a fantastic start into 2010. (I think 2010 looks really weird, huh?!?).

Anyways, I recently recognised that I love love love leggings. I don’t know why but I think they just look fantastic on avatars. So I’d like to share two of my favourite “at the moment” outfits!


The first outfit consists of Luck Inc.’s sweater dress and AOHARU’s leopard leggings.  With them I’m wearing a belt, also from Luck Inc. with a crocodile print. All these items are available in several colours, the good thing is that the AOHARU leggings come in a colour pack with another black, leopard, red and plain black version.


With them I’m wearing the awesome new ankle boots from J’s. I instantly fell in love with them, they are so cool and well made, you definitely have to check these out when you like shoes (which girl doesn’t?!?).


My second outfit for this post is a combination of older items that I got a while ago.


I love the combination of black and yellow, I think they go very well together and that’s why I chose the Petite dress in diamond yellow from Luck Inc. and the Spandex Tight from Vive la Glam in black.


I’m sure you all know the shoes I’m wearing here. I’ll mention them anyway, just in case you forgot, these are the Athlete Heels from Redgrave, of course in the black/gold version, the ultimate match to shirt and leggings.

If you’re interested in skin and hair, please find the details for that below! 😉

See you all here soon,


Hair: Oh Sugar in Kit Kat – !lamb.
Skin: Misty in smokey – League
Shirt 1: Sweaterdress in Tyrian Purple – Luck Inc.
Shirt 2: Petite in Diamond Yellow – Luck Inc.
Leggings 1: Leopard Leggings in blue – AOHARU
Leggings 2: Spandex Tight in black – Vive la Glam
Boots 1: Ankle Boots in black – J’s
Boots 2: Athlete Heels in gold/black – Redgrave
Belt: Wide Leather Belt in black Alligator – Luck Inc.

Haiiiii 🙂

I know you might say – who is this???
Its been a while since my last blog entry – due to a lot of pc problems I was not able to have some time for PS – please forgive me 😦

Well X-mas is almost passed and the new year is about to come! – its almost knocking on the door 🙂

It seems every year most of the designers are getting better and better – so a lot of work for the fashion bloggers. Today I was checking around some good old shops I always have a LM in my inventory – I hope you will like it 🙂

As you all know the temperatures are getting low – very low. Not only in RL in SL too – so to prevent myself for catching a cold I needed a Parka with a Fur Hood (no panic – its not an animal fur ;)) The parka comes with a Sweater and Side Pockets. At Action you can choose between 3 colors (khaki, black and brown).
The hair is from Truth and its called Micah – i love the way the hair is fallen – its cute! 🙂

Unfortunately I am sooo addicted to glasses – during my shopping fever I have seen those in a small shop – they are called Fadeout (Floral) from =RL= Glasses – and you can choose via menu the size and of course the color! 🙂

The pants I am wearing is one of those clothes I have since days in my inventory and found it luckily and it matches to the outfit. The pant is from Gothicatz Toxic female Outfit.

Finally the boots – very important to keep your feets warm and dry 🙂
These I found as well at Action and as I was not sure about the color I just took the Fatpack 🙂 They come with a HUD for changing the texture and color on the legwarmer.

So this is it from me today – I hope you enjoyed reading the blog and we will see us 2010!

Have a wonderful time!

Take care


P.S. If I forgot anything – please let me know – Thank you 😀

Sister style


Hi ladies and gents!
I haven’t written anything in a long time! A new home kept me away from the computer but I’m hoping to keep you up with my stuff now more regularely!

One thing Juicy and I ran accross the last weeks was the (now sort of) new Beauty Avatar skin and clothes collection. When we were trying out the demos we suddenly realised how different the same skin can look on two different shapes and we decided to show you exactly that. 🙂 In the following you will see the two skin lines Daria and Zeta with two different makeups each and of course on our two different shapes.



In the above pictures you see th Zeta skin with the makeups 10 and 3. This skin line has an extraordinary lip form an powerful makeups. There are 10 makeups of the skin line in total and the line comes with two skin tones.



The Daria skin line you see now also has ten makeups and two available skin tones, in the pictures you see the makeups 10 and 9. The faces of Daria have a very lovely soft shine and the makeups are beautiful too.

As we were wearing the same skin already, we thought about dressing the same too (it can be fun sometimes, can’t it?).


Here we’re wearing the Henne dress in purple and emerald. Juicy wanted to show that the dress without jacket is very nice too, so she’s wearing it without. I liked the jacket especially, the prim work is awesome and I totally love the belt that is attached to it.


Dressing the same of course always comes to an end somewhere and even (almost) sisters do have different tastes from time to time. So I got myself the Tara dress in white. It comes with a lovely jacket and I love the socks most about this outfit. Juicy decided to wear the Ronda dress, one of the few things I saw at Beauty avatar that wasn’t available in at least five different colours. Still, the black and grey combination with the scarfy neck part looks simply elegant.


The hair styles we’re wearing in the pictures are from Beauty Avatar as well, please find the details for the hair styles below!

As we’re approaching Christmas we would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry happy one. Enjoy your families, do not travel too far (just as me), have a white one if possible as well and have a healthy, lucky and fantastic new year!

Tam & Juicy


Worn skins:
Daria Natural Skin makeups number 10 and 09
Zeta Natural Skin makeups number 03 and 10

Worn clothes:
Ronda in black
Henne in Emerald and Purple
Tara in White

Worn hair:
Kiana in black
Anaya in black
Aida in brown

Everything is available at Beauty Avatar

Today I want to show you some lovely stuff from a little store called Yorim’s Factory. I found the cute store of Yoriminaty Beresford on a very atmospheric japanese sim. Yorim’s style is not the common one and that’s just one fascinating thing beside the nice detailed work.

First of all it’s nice to know to be able to combine her stuff to different outfits. So I decided to combine some of her upper parts with one of the two “ZOO long skirts” (zebra) and the “Brown CHECK leather” boots. The “mujiT (fa >< bow)" is a really cute mix of a tunic and jersey. It's lovely bow collar has some really nice details and gives a cozy look. It is one of the new things which will be released in about a week.

On the left I combined the “Lace Cardigan” in black with the buff “Savoir Turtleneck” sweater from Maitreya. On the right you see the cute “mujiT_STAIN” sweater in brown together with the really cute “BOW necklace_Perple”. The necklace has some really adorable details. All prim parts from Yorim’s Factory come with a resizer script. So it is very easy to fit the prim parts.

Next are my two favourites: On the left you see the “Chiffon Frilly Blouse” (black) which goes perfectly with jeans and gives your outfit a cute but classic look. Most of all I am in love with the black bow. On the right you see the second new release in about a week. The “Rabbit fur vest” has something cute and sexy. So if you are looking for something sexy for a winter outfit: this is the right part for it! 😉

Now just let us take a closer look at the boots. The brown checked boots form Yorim’s Factory have some nice details and they are also perfect for a jeans styled outfit.

At all pics I am wearing the Tuli skin “Faith dark tan misfit” and the Maitreya hair “Zoe”.

I hope I could give u a little overview and you liked it!

Yorim’s Factory

Omg… I can not believe it. After Tam’s gloriuos come back to the blog, I am back as well. Maybe it will not be as often as I used to, but still i found now the time to do a blog entry after a long break.
I felt like featuring some good friends because one of them just has started a pose and shape store and the second is going to release new stuff at the weekend.

Now, as you will notice, the shapes on the pictures are quite differnet from my usual shape. I decided to show you three different shapes from Baffle!. I always admired Samantha – the store owner – for her unique style of her shape, so it is an honour for me show what she styled for you.

On the pic above I am wearing the shape called “Amy” and I styled it with the “Buttees” in black and the “Sweater” in bisque from Cynful. The very low cut throusers come with different style versions: with black or white or without tanga and all with or without seam. They are available in dark winter tones.

The “Sweater” is one of the stuff which is going to be released tomorrow at Cynful. It’ll be available in a summer and a winter collection. The colour bisque is one of the summer collection.
The necklace, bracelet and ear rings are the sensational “Cue Set” from Miel. Today available for 50 Linden because of the “50 Linden Fridays”. So hurry up and don’t miss this opportunity!

To present the simple and lovely “Cozy Sweater” from Cynful – one of the latest releases and available in dark winter tones – I am wearing the “Lilly” shape from Baffle!.

Last but not least something really hot. The “Cari” shape goes perfectly with the “Denim RetroRomper” in grey. You can choose between different styles u wear the romper. Some are even hotter than the style i chose. 😉 But I suggest: go and see yourself!
As asseccoires I am wearing the “Regret” necklace from CatniP and the “Leather” bracelet from UnTone.

All sytles above are combined together with the lovely group skin “Special No2 Caramel” from Dutch Touch, the Truth hair “Twiggy” in mocha and the Maitreya group gift “SoHo Boots PatentMix” in black.
The poses are all from Baffle!, and even if Sam is at the beginning of her career, I think she already shows big talent and I really like her poses. But she does not only do single poses. Here couple poses are really cute as well.

If you are curious now and can not got right to SL to have a look, please go and visit the flickr page from Baffle!!!

Dutch Touch

Hi everybody!

Today I’d like to show you no mixed outfits but a few pieces from just one store that I found a few days ago.  The really cool thing about the store is the prices, which are very moderate for SL these days.  That means that you get most outfits for 150 Linden Dollars and the outfits or clothes parts also come with several options in one pack.


The first outfit I’m showing you here is the Sangtrait Outfit wich is a nice combination of top and pants. The top comes in two different colours, black and pink. The pants have a very nice detail in the front and I like the knee part also very much.


The next outfit is the Vegary Outfit which is more or less a top but can be worn alone too. This one comes in black and red and gives us many combination options with jeans and other stuff.


Now you can see the Whyther 2.0 outfit, a very short dress with lovely patterns which comes in red and black. In case you buy or wanna buy it take a closer look at the bow on the chest, it’s a very lovely detail I think!


Talking of short stuff I’m coming to one significant part of SK Desing’s range: the short and sexy almost lingerine stuff! 🙂 :SK Desings: offers a really cool collection of sexy stuff, you should certainly check the Insomnium Outfit – it’s too sexy to show it here but it’s worth a look. Now let’s get back to the picture: In there you can the Nightfall outfit, a black dress that comes with stockings and a red or black bra. You can nicely wear this one with other things too, I tried for example wearing it with the top from the Sangtrait Outfit.

If you wanna stay up to date with the latest :SK Designs: releases you should visit here from time to time: :SK Designs Blog:

Happy shopping!

Clothes:  :SK Designs:
Skin: Misty in Smoky – League
Hair: Piper in chocolate – Maitreya

Hello ladies and gents!

Like it or not – the 80s are long back, whether it’s music, colours or clothes. That means, we’re wearing waistbelts, leggings and power puff huge shoulders pullovers or jackets again! 😛

I found cool stuff at Fishy Strawberry the other day that is all that mean the 80s to me:


The cuddle maxipull is available in several colours and has big attachments: big armparts and a very nice neckpart. Certainly the best for cold autumn days (even though it’s never cold in SL, isn’t it?!?). I’ve combined the maxipull with the Corduroy Treggings, also from Fishy Strawberry and an old belt from Ce Cubic Effect. (Don’t you find it nice to use old accessories with new outfits too?) The shoes are the latest group gift from Maitreya – which is definitely a cool one. If you haven’t got it already you should check out the group counter in the store and see, if they are still available under “history”.


See you again soon!


Skin: THABITA natural with makeup 08 – Beauty Avatar
Hair: Deena in timid brown – fri.day
Pullover: Cuddle Maxipull in brick – Fishy Strawberry
Pants: Corduroy Treggings in black – Fishy Strawberry
Belt: Song Bird Belt in black – Ce Cubic effect
Shoes: SoHo Boots PatentMix Black – Maitreya