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Long time has passed since I made the entry about my “Bella Swan” style, but I am still inspired by her simple streetstyle. I really like it and that’s the reason why I went shopping straight for stuff that “Bella” might wear. Maybe it is not the way how everybody would style her, but I […]



Hello Fashionvictims 🙂 The spring is about to leave and the summer is about to start \o/ After a long time of warm clothes – scarf, gloves and big boots its about time to put yourself in some fresh summer clothes. During my shopping trip the last weekend I found some great new stuff almost around everywhere […]

Sexy Casual


Ok ok… after some really cute spring outfits, I felt a bit more like presenting something that’s casual but still sexy. I guess that’s the reason why I did not go for a shirt under that awsome hoodie jacket…. 😉 So, what we got here is the lovely grey “Starbrooke” jeans from Faire. Really cool […]