Store feature: :SK Designs:


Hi everybody!

Today I’d like to show you no mixed outfits but a few pieces from just one store that I found a few days ago.  The really cool thing about the store is the prices, which are very moderate for SL these days.  That means that you get most outfits for 150 Linden Dollars and the outfits or clothes parts also come with several options in one pack.


The first outfit I’m showing you here is the Sangtrait Outfit wich is a nice combination of top and pants. The top comes in two different colours, black and pink. The pants have a very nice detail in the front and I like the knee part also very much.


The next outfit is the Vegary Outfit which is more or less a top but can be worn alone too. This one comes in black and red and gives us many combination options with jeans and other stuff.


Now you can see the Whyther 2.0 outfit, a very short dress with lovely patterns which comes in red and black. In case you buy or wanna buy it take a closer look at the bow on the chest, it’s a very lovely detail I think!


Talking of short stuff I’m coming to one significant part of SK Desing’s range: the short and sexy almost lingerine stuff! 🙂 :SK Desings: offers a really cool collection of sexy stuff, you should certainly check the Insomnium Outfit – it’s too sexy to show it here but it’s worth a look. Now let’s get back to the picture: In there you can the Nightfall outfit, a black dress that comes with stockings and a red or black bra. You can nicely wear this one with other things too, I tried for example wearing it with the top from the Sangtrait Outfit.

If you wanna stay up to date with the latest :SK Designs: releases you should visit here from time to time: :SK Designs Blog:

Happy shopping!

Clothes:  :SK Designs:
Skin: Misty in Smoky – League
Hair: Piper in chocolate – Maitreya


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  1. 1 Sergio Krasopani

    Great post Tam! i love it 🙂

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