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First of all I hope you all had some nice and peaceful christmas days! And now it is time for a last post for this year. A last time the “Fav Outfit Of The Week”. And unfortunately not only the last time for this year. Due to some rl changes, I will not be able […]

Pink Candy


Hello everyone! I just got back from the family and Christmas festivities and after all the eating and hanging out with grandparents and other family members I well agree to what Luella said in her last post. Time for some glamour. Time for some punk. Time for pink! Putting this outfit togehter started quite a […]

Be Casual


I hope you all had some really great X-mas days. Uff, after all those days, when you have to dress a bit formal and all time looking like a glamour doll … Don´t you think it´s time again to get back to your own, casual look?! I think so. And I am very happy to […]

As everybody is busy with christmas dinners at the moment, I guess you won’t blame me, if I keep this entry about my fav outfit of the week short. My fav outfit of this week is a combination of some sleeping beauty stuff out of my inventory and some hot newnesses. As I saw the […]

Merry Christmas


Christmas is a slow and festive time. I hope that most of you can spend this wonderful time with your family and beloved ones. The OMFG…Clothes team wishes you a very merry christmas, relaxing holidays and a happy new year. The past three months were extremely exciting for us and we’d like to thank all […]

Hi everone! Finally, it is time for another mix and match by me. This time I felt like wearing little cute things in blue. All in all the combination is, I believe, very simple and yet very pretty! Take a look yourself: The most obvious blue thing in the picture is of course the lovely […]

Hot Skirts


Today I got some really great news… That’s the reason why I am showing you my two colour outfit from today: I felt like red and blue, because they go so well together. The hair is from Panache and is called “Girls School Hair” in iced blonde. I love the cuteness of this haircut! The […]