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Hello ladies and gents! Like it or not – the 80s are long back, whether it’s music, colours or clothes. That means, we’re wearing waistbelts, leggings and power puff huge shoulders pullovers or jackets again! 😛 I found cool stuff at Fishy Strawberry the other day that is all that mean the 80s to me: […]

Hello world! After I’ve had my first wonderful open air summer party I wanted to create a nice outfit for outdoor parties and as green is my favourite colour this season, I built the following outfit just for you :-): Sugarcube’s String Tank in deep green is a comfy looking prim shirt. I’m wearing it […]

Girl Next Door


I am sick at home and have plenty of time to do some stuff. But I am not in the mood to do something like cleaning and stuff. So I decided to check my closet for different stylings under the aspect “girl next door”. My first outfit (and also my fav of the 3 I […]

Material Girl


Hello folks! This is just going to be a short Sunday post – indulge my laziness! I accidentially teleportet to Fishy Strawberry yesterday and realised that they’ve got quite a few new things there. The Material Girl jacket is one of the new fantastic items you can get there. The jacket is available in several […]

Peace Again


I don’t know why, but at the moment I am feeling most comfy in colourful and/or hippiestyle clothes. That’s also a reason why I was so happy when I found the Anuenue store during my weekend’s shopping tour. 🙂 Today I will show you an outfit I wore on Sunday and which is now one […]