Reviews are excellent ways to introduce or promote your new item or creation.

Yes, we do accept items for reviews. However, there are some policies we follow:

  • We reserve the right to review items according to our personal tastes, this could mean for example that we do not review complete outfits but single items. We will of course let you know if we reviewed your item and send you the link to the respective post if you wish. We will also let you know if we decided not to review the items you sent us.
  • There are many ways to present your fashion, jewellery, skin or hair. Please contact us before sending us the item. We are happy to provide you with a unique presentation of your items.
  • If you wish a review by a specific writer from our team, please contact the respective writer.
  • When sending us an item or folder, please make sure you add a landmark to your shop to it.
  • If you prefer us to ask you for review items, please drop us a notecard, landmark or send us an IM.
  • We’re bloggers, no workaholics. Please take into consideration that we might need a day or two to review your items, take pictures of them and write our thoughts about the items down. This also assures the quality of our posts.
  • When reviewing, we assure you to post the correct item names, the colours or options it comes with. We will also post the correct URL so that your customer finds the way to your store easily.

Thank you for taking your time to read this through.
The OMFG…Clothes! Team


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