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After a long RL party night, I really deserve a lazy sunday. So this post is just going to be a quickie. But as I lately fell in love with a stunning, sexy and different looking hoodie, I have to show you what outfit i styled around it. The sexy hoodie I am talking about […]

After a little blog break I guess it is time to show you one of my fav outfits at the moment. Actually I think it is a really in demanding look, but as I had to learn, it is quite hard to find stuff in SL that is good and really fit together. Let’s have […]

Are you looking for an everyday style? Something to go shopping, to meet friends, something cool and good looking? Nothing easier than that. Just grab your one colour jeans, a simple top and combine this with a nice haircut and few asseccories. This outfit was built around the “RollUpDenim” jeans from THE CLOSET. This jeans […]



Hello Fashionvictims 🙂 The spring is about to leave and the summer is about to start \o/ After a long time of warm clothes – scarf, gloves and big boots its about time to put yourself in some fresh summer clothes. During my shopping trip the last weekend I found some great new stuff almost around everywhere […]

I guess most of you have already heard about the new hair releases of Maitreya and the new jeweleries of Zaara Kohime. I’ll take this occasion to show you my today’s style and some examples of this great newnesses. First of all my today’s style. It is a combination from MIEL‘s ebony plaid shorts and […]

Today is time for taking a quick look at a simple white outfit. I was stunned by the new boots from TRICOLORE so I searched in my inventory to see if I got something that matches. I kept this outfit simple, so no asseccoires, just the basic… I decided the “TailoredJacketSetup” in white from AOHARU […]

Hey folks… I thought it is time to show you one of my fav mix and match I did at latest. As it contains not so many clothes (that’s why i called it naughty *lol*), this is going to be a short entry. But nevertheless here we go: The bra from Dutch Touch – it […]