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Some new stuff


Hi hi … oh yes it´s weekend again and it seems that some designer have been quite busy in the last days. There are several new releases in some of my fav stores. The outfit of my choice today is a very simple one. Simple but cute. Yesterday, right after I got the message that […]

Easy Going …


Hey folks! I haven’t been posting much last time. I am truely sorry for that but my RL keeps me busy and I don’t know, when this will change… But I promise I keep coming back to post my favourite outfit for you. Like this one today. My fav outfit at the moment contains nothing […]

Hey Hey guys. I hope you all had a great start in the new week. Mine was fine as I am on short vacations due to the carnival craziness around here. I am not a fan of this time of the year when all people get crazy, wear silly costumes and are totally drunken. But […]

Happy Weekend


Haaaaaai … Yay, it’s saturday! I hope you have some nice plans for the weekend. And when you don´t have some just relax. Weekend is always better than the working days. 😉 Today I want to show you a casual outfit for a meeting with friends but also for clubbing. You know that: you just […]

Don’t we all know the times when we’re desperately looking for a new look (I’m especially talking about skins here) and then there’s just nothing new to try on at all? I hate these times when I have the “I want a new skin”-thought on my mind and I’m already knowing that there just isn’t […]

My absolute fav


Okay, this will be a short post. I just want to present my absolute fav outfit these days. I believe we all went to Maitreya in the last days to get their latest releases. Sure I did! First for the clothes and then yesterday for the hair. And I have to say all this stuff […]

Blind Date


Last week a friend told me that he was gonna have a blind date. He was a bit nervous and I was thinking about how I´d feel in that situation. My most important thought was: will be a hard decision what to wear for such an occasion. The first impression we get from people we […]