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I am hip(pie)


Yesterday I was searching like crazy for some boots I´ve seen on several blogs and I felt the urgent need to get those boots. But finally I found the ZERO NUMBER store and now I´m the happy owner of the awesome “WO boots”. And sure that I post them today. They are very detailed and […]

I guess it is time to show you my favourite clothes of the moment… It’s a combination – honestly, I am more into mix and match at the moment, than into complete outfits – of some older and some new stuff. I am in love with the wonderfull new “2 Legacy Jackets Harajuku”. It has […]

Hello ladies! After Juicys teriffic posts about casual wear and awesome sports shoes I’ll do another mix and match post with some more “elegant” items. I always love using classic items that I’ve bought long time ago and which you can mix endlessly to new clothes or accessories. One of these items is the shirt […]

OMG! OMG! OMG! I am over the moon and I can not wait to tell you about this fantastic newness! Yesterday I visited Redgrave because Tamsin told me, that the new “Leona Skin” is stunning. After checking demos at home I went back to buy my favourite. And before I left, I felt like checking […]

Feeling Casual


Sometimes there are days, when I feel totally casual. Maybe you know those days…. And then you don’t need any hip clothes, just a jeans and a shirt. No chic haircut, just something you feel good with… This is why I decided to show you this jeans outfit: This outfit consist of a wonderful gray […]

Simple elegance


Hi ladies! Sometimes it’s just nice to put something on that you don’t necessarily need to mix with other clothes and for once I’m going to show you a piece that is just perfect as it is. I discovered a store named “Fall into decay” a few weeks ago. It only sells a small but […]

It is time to show you my currently favourite outfit. It is a mix and match and kind of casual streetstyle. I had a lot of time this weekend to check my shopping LM’s. Some shops have been gone and at others I found something new for me. But I checked also some new stores […]