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I love leggings


Hello world! First of all I’d like to wish you a very happy new year! I hope you all had a fantastic start into 2010. (I think 2010 looks really weird, huh?!?). Anyways, I recently recognised that I love love love leggings. I don’t know why but I think they just look fantastic on avatars. […]

Hello everybody! It’s time for a lazy Sunday mix’n’match! I found a couple of cool items this weekend, so here we go: I started with Luck Inc’s Low Rise jeans, certainly not the most new thing on the SL shopping scene but I like them a lot, the idea to make two different leg colours/styles […]

Hi folks! Yesterday I found a lovely woolen dress and I thought I’d share it with you! In the above picture you can see what I am talking about: Nyte’N’Days grey Dial dress. The dress is available in many colours, but I think grey is one of the trend colours this fall and so I […]

Short comeback


Hello world! God, it’s been such a long time! Do you still remember us? 🙂 I just logged onto WordPress the first time for weeks or even months – I’m not sure. I found a draft post that I last edited on 30 July, so I guess the outfit does not fit seasonal needs and […]

Hello world! After I’ve had my first wonderful open air summer party I wanted to create a nice outfit for outdoor parties and as green is my favourite colour this season, I built the following outfit just for you :-): Sugarcube’s String Tank in deep green is a comfy looking prim shirt. I’m wearing it […]

Fashion shorty


Hello folks! I know that spring is all about colours and I do love colours as well but when I heard of Cynthia Ultsch’s latest release I couldn’t help but putting together a nice classic black and white outfit. As I said before, Cynthia Ultsch released some nice neckholder tops. The clothes label is called […]

Hello world! I guess we all have a Monday blues every now and then. Monday means that we’re probably having a long working week ahead of us and the next weekend always seem ages away. A good reason to enlighten our fashion lives with some nice clothes or accessories. My main theme today is lilac/plum […]