Between the years


Haiiiii 🙂

I know you might say – who is this???
Its been a while since my last blog entry – due to a lot of pc problems I was not able to have some time for PS – please forgive me 😦

Well X-mas is almost passed and the new year is about to come! – its almost knocking on the door 🙂

It seems every year most of the designers are getting better and better – so a lot of work for the fashion bloggers. Today I was checking around some good old shops I always have a LM in my inventory – I hope you will like it 🙂

As you all know the temperatures are getting low – very low. Not only in RL in SL too – so to prevent myself for catching a cold I needed a Parka with a Fur Hood (no panic – its not an animal fur ;)) The parka comes with a Sweater and Side Pockets. At Action you can choose between 3 colors (khaki, black and brown).
The hair is from Truth and its called Micah – i love the way the hair is fallen – its cute! 🙂

Unfortunately I am sooo addicted to glasses – during my shopping fever I have seen those in a small shop – they are called Fadeout (Floral) from =RL= Glasses – and you can choose via menu the size and of course the color! 🙂

The pants I am wearing is one of those clothes I have since days in my inventory and found it luckily and it matches to the outfit. The pant is from Gothicatz Toxic female Outfit.

Finally the boots – very important to keep your feets warm and dry 🙂
These I found as well at Action and as I was not sure about the color I just took the Fatpack 🙂 They come with a HUD for changing the texture and color on the legwarmer.

So this is it from me today – I hope you enjoyed reading the blog and we will see us 2010!

Have a wonderful time!

Take care


P.S. If I forgot anything – please let me know – Thank you 😀


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