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After some posts full of colour, I am back to the classic black and white combination. B/W is not only classically. It depends on the things you combine, so you can be totally cool as well. 😉 Today I wanted to catch the “star feeling” and as I am a fan of the song “Poker […]

Hello world! I guess we all have a Monday blues every now and then. Monday means that we’re probably having a long working week ahead of us and the next weekend always seem ages away. A good reason to enlighten our fashion lives with some nice clothes or accessories. My main theme today is lilac/plum […]

Hey there! This post will be short and just about two things: The RFL hair from Gritty Kitty and the awsome dollarbie shirt from Leah McCullough (.:Naive:.). I guess you all have heard about RFL and a lot of designers joined with some special releases, favoured in the colour PINK. If you want to know […]

Sexy Casual


Ok ok… after some really cute spring outfits, I felt a bit more like presenting something that’s casual but still sexy. I guess that’s the reason why I did not go for a shirt under that awsome hoodie jacket…. 😉 So, what we got here is the lovely grey “Starbrooke” jeans from Faire. Really cool […]

When I woke up this morning the first thing I did was taking a look out of the window. I was quite in terror when I saw that there was masses of snowflakes falling from the sky. Now, a couple of hours later the window view hasn’t changed much and I pigeonholed my hope for […]

Hello ladies and gents, There is some good news from SOREAL: sporty vintage jackets for males and females in colourful variations and tons of options. The jacket is available in almost every colour and each jacket has armstripes in matching colours as well as prim collars, cuffs and bottom parts. These parts can be customised […]

Life Is Golden


Hai and Happy sunday! 🙂 I don´t wanna bother you with a long entry because it´s sunday and it´s the day of the (allowed) laziness. I just wanna show you quickly a nice outfit. Chou passed me today two dresses from So Many Styles I can use for a mix´n match. I checked what I […]