Lovely Clothes from Yorim’s Factory


Today I want to show you some lovely stuff from a little store called Yorim’s Factory. I found the cute store of Yoriminaty Beresford on a very atmospheric japanese sim. Yorim’s style is not the common one and that’s just one fascinating thing beside the nice detailed work.

First of all it’s nice to know to be able to combine her stuff to different outfits. So I decided to combine some of her upper parts with one of the two “ZOO long skirts” (zebra) and the “Brown CHECK leather” boots. The “mujiT (fa >< bow)" is a really cute mix of a tunic and jersey. It's lovely bow collar has some really nice details and gives a cozy look. It is one of the new things which will be released in about a week.

On the left I combined the “Lace Cardigan” in black with the buff “Savoir Turtleneck” sweater from Maitreya. On the right you see the cute “mujiT_STAIN” sweater in brown together with the really cute “BOW necklace_Perple”. The necklace has some really adorable details. All prim parts from Yorim’s Factory come with a resizer script. So it is very easy to fit the prim parts.

Next are my two favourites: On the left you see the “Chiffon Frilly Blouse” (black) which goes perfectly with jeans and gives your outfit a cute but classic look. Most of all I am in love with the black bow. On the right you see the second new release in about a week. The “Rabbit fur vest” has something cute and sexy. So if you are looking for something sexy for a winter outfit: this is the right part for it! šŸ˜‰

Now just let us take a closer look at the boots. The brown checked boots form Yorim’s Factory have some nice details and they are also perfect for a jeans styled outfit.

At all pics I am wearing the Tuli skin “Faith dark tan misfit” and the Maitreya hair “Zoe”.

I hope I could give u a little overview and you liked it!

Yorim’s Factory


One Response to “Lovely Clothes from Yorim’s Factory”

  1. 1 s.jay

    what tattoo are you wearing here and where can i find it for my friend?
    Thank you!

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