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Long time has passed since I made the entry about my “Bella Swan” style, but I am still inspired by her simple streetstyle. I really like it and that’s the reason why I went shopping straight for stuff that “Bella” might wear. Maybe it is not the way how everybody would style her, but I […]

Hey folks… I thought it is time to show you one of my fav mix and match I did at latest. As it contains not so many clothes (that’s why i called it naughty *lol*), this is going to be a short entry. But nevertheless here we go: The bra from Dutch Touch – it […]

Who doesn’t recognize the following situation: You wake up in the morning, after a long party night in the bed of your boyfriend. Your clothes from the party are not really wearworthy. So what to do? Easy answer: take a look at the boyfriends closet! Sometimes it is really suprising what you’ll find there. And […]

You know that tipical sunday feeling? Feeling lazy and and not really animated to do something. That´s how I feel today. So I decided to check my closet and it´s incredible how many sleeping beauties I found there. 🙂 And today some of them had to wake up. The black skirt is part of the […]

I guess it is time to show you my favourite clothes of the moment… It’s a combination – honestly, I am more into mix and match at the moment, than into complete outfits – of some older and some new stuff. I am in love with the wonderfull new “2 Legacy Jackets Harajuku”. It has […]

Hiyas… Last days I took my time to clean up my inventory. I found stuff I have never worn, stuff I will never wear again and stuff I should wear again. One of the things I think I should wear again was a lovely pink plaid pants. To style an whole outfit around this pants […]

Today I just went crazy by shopping. That’s the reason why I can show you now a totally mix and match of brand new, new and older stuff. A few days ago, the shopping mall Le.Look! reopened with a totally new style. At my first visit there I was deeply impressed by all the well […]