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Hi ladies and gents! I haven’t written anything in a long time! A new home kept me away from the computer but I’m hoping to keep you up with my stuff now more regularely! One thing Juicy and I ran accross the last weeks was the (now sort of) new Beauty Avatar skin and clothes […]

Hello folks! The title of today’s post already speaks for itself. We’re talking about the new Beauty Avatar Estate collection here and we’re very happy to give you a small introduction to the huge range. Beauty Avatar of course always stands for skins and with the new assortment there is also four new skin lines. […]

Hi everybody! I’m probably a bit late with introducing Exodi’s Shiloh skins. However, I think the skin is so gorgeous that I’d like to show you some makeups in my favourite skintone. In the above picture you see the makeups barely there, flower girl and water lily, three of eight available makeups in the coffee skin […]

After a little posting break, due to RL easter vacation, I bring some great news: PXL just released the last skintone of the latest skin line! Since a few days “Grace Fair” is available at the PXL stores. You can choose from a range of 28 make up combinations: 7 lip colours (nude, pale/glossy, rose, […]

When Ryker Beck began posting progress pictures of Eden’s early stages on Flickr, I was quite excited to see what would turn out as a final result, and that result is what we’re presenting you today, so please meet Eden! To start with the hard facts you might want to know that there is 8 available skin […]

Don’t we all know the times when we’re desperately looking for a new look (I’m especially talking about skins here) and then there’s just nothing new to try on at all? I hate these times when I have the “I want a new skin”-thought on my mind and I’m already knowing that there just isn’t […]

As most of you might know or might have seen on other blogs, one of last weeks best skin releases was PXL‘s dark Efe skin. The Efe skin is a very classy and powerful skin and when I saw it on the blogs I instantly wished that it would be released in a lighter tone […]