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Hi all together! We thought it was time again for a double feautre… As we have fun shopping together it is very likely, we buy same stuff… With this look we want to rock the road! 😉 So, today we built outfits all arround the new pants from Kyoot. As you can see, Tam and […]

This mix here came out totally by chance. But I think it is worth it to be blogged. I thought a lot about how I can describe this mix, but up until now I still have no idea. It has something out of chic, classic and a touch of punky (boyfriend stuff inlcuded). But now […]

As we had have a lot of sun last days – even it is spring – we really could say: Summer Is Calling … And if so, it calls also for nice short skirts and lovely t-shirts… as well as comfy sneakers… 😉 This is the reason why I am gonna show you now one […]

After a little posting break, due to RL easter vacation, I bring some great news: PXL just released the last skintone of the latest skin line! Since a few days “Grace Fair” is available at the PXL stores. You can choose from a range of 28 make up combinations: 7 lip colours (nude, pale/glossy, rose, […]

White Pants


Hey hey! I was a bit lazy with posting in the last days. So I owe you some outfits. I cheched my inventory yesterday and found some white pants, the “Ishaya velour slacks”, from Zaara I bought a while ago but never have worn them. I decided to have those pants as basis for three […]

Happy Easter


Hai! ^^ Yes, I am still alive and back to wish you all HAPPY EASTER. I won´t bother you with a long text but I want to take the chance to present you a wonderful dress I bought yesterday after 2 weeks without SL shopping!! ^^ It´s sweet, beautiful and well done … purrrrfect! And […]

Hippie style


Hello Folks! You all must have realised by now that this season’s fashion is very hippie like and is made up of a lot of retro and vintage designs and patterns. I took this as an excuse to shop for some cute hippie clothes! 😉  I first went for Tuli’s Sweet Vintage Top set. This […]