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It was about time for a new posting, wasn’t it? Real life kept and keeps me busy and styling and blogging takes its time. As well as it needs inspirations. Well, I had some spare time lately and a special part of my inventory inspired me to do a mix and match with stuff from […]

OMG! OMG! OMG! I am over the moon and I can not wait to tell you about this fantastic newness! Yesterday I visited Redgrave because Tamsin told me, that the new “Leona Skin” is stunning. After checking demos at home I went back to buy my favourite. And before I left, I felt like checking […]

Hiyas… Last days I took my time to clean up my inventory. I found stuff I have never worn, stuff I will never wear again and stuff I should wear again. One of the things I think I should wear again was a lovely pink plaid pants. To style an whole outfit around this pants […]