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Sister style


Hi ladies and gents! I haven’t written anything in a long time! A new home kept me away from the computer but I’m hoping to keep you up with my stuff now more regularely! One thing Juicy and I ran accross the last weeks was the (now sort of) new Beauty Avatar skin and clothes […]

Hey folks! After a long weekend I felt like blogging my current favs. They are more leisure but this is what I feel like at the moment. I combined some latest releases but take a look at yourself: The simple leisure style contains the wonderful “BF Jeans #07” from Maitreya which got a fantastic looking, […]

After some posts full of colour, I am back to the classic black and white combination. B/W is not only classically. It depends on the things you combine, so you can be totally cool as well. πŸ˜‰ Today I wanted to catch the “star feeling” and as I am a fan of the song “Poker […]

Sexy Casual


Ok ok… after some really cute spring outfits, I felt a bit more like presenting something that’s casual but still sexy. I guess that’s the reason why I did not go for a shirt under that awsome hoodie jacket…. πŸ˜‰ So, what we got here is the lovely grey “Starbrooke” jeans from Faire. Really cool […]

Happy Weekend


Haaaaaai … Yay, it’s saturday! I hope you have some nice plans for the weekend. And when you donΒ΄t have some just relax. Weekend is always better than the working days. πŸ˜‰ Today I want to show you a casual outfit for a meeting with friends but also for clubbing. You know that: you just […]

Don’t we all know the times when we’re desperately looking for a new look (I’m especially talking about skins here) and then there’s just nothing new to try on at all? I hate these times when I have the “I want a new skin”-thought on my mind and I’m already knowing that there just isn’t […]

Feeling Casual


Sometimes there are days, when I feel totally casual. Maybe you know those days…. And then you don’t need any hip clothes, just a jeans and a shirt. No chic haircut, just something you feel good with… This is why I decided to show you this jeans outfit: This outfit consist of a wonderful gray […]