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Good male fashion has always been difficult to discover in the world of Second Life. There’s never enough options whether it’s clothes, hair, shoes or skins for men and it can get quite frustrating to wear the same gear over and over. But every now and then shining stars rise or in other words: Calypso […]

Double Pack


*sighs* Imagine a wonderful sunny winter day … The first snow had fallen during the night … And now you want to enjoy the first snow of the year … So there is just one thing to do! Correct: you go sledding and ice skating! That was what Lenny and I did yesterday: It was […]

Ello Fashionatas 😉 Today I wanna present you an outfit for the colder days. The hair I am wearing is one of the new ETD releases (Laine Ebony). I just changed the color of the hairband (scripted). My Sweater in plum is from Gisaci and its really warm and has a great texture 🙂 The […]

Hello again, its me finally presenting you something warm and cosy for the coming cold winter days! In the above picture I’m wearing one of my favourite sweaters, the Lola sweater from Zona Cero. Zona Cero offers the sweater in different colours; I chose for the grey one ages ago and I still like it […]

A daydream …


Today I want to show you one of the sleeping beauties from my inventar. I bought it when it was new released, but until today I never wore it. This outfit is called “Day Dream” (kahki) from Sweetest Good-bye. It is a lovely short dress and the parts on the body are sculpted. You can […]

Just a short info for all who are looking for the new skins or the amazing clothes of Calypso Giano: Some people might have noticed, that the old mainstore is no longer available since a few days. This is due to some inworld problems and Calypso is very sorry for that. Here comes the new […]

Here comes the next quickie from me. This cute outfit is from ABANDON and is called “Funky Black”. It comes with pants, socks, shirt and netshirt. For the “Neko-touch” I added the new afghan stole from sey (it comes scripted and u can choose from seven different colors), the punctured armwarmers from Virus Co. (they […]