A Friend Feature: *X*plosion


I am really happy to introduce a cool label which is owend by a very talentet friend of mine. And it is really about time to write something about *X*plosion! 🙂 *X*plosion has some cool, hot and trendy clothes. But not only for female avatars, also for male ones. Its range contains everything a avatar needs: clothes, skins, hair … And its wonderful created shopping sim is worth a visit!

Today I am showing you some of the latest releases from *X*plosion.

First of all you should know that you can buy whole outfits, as well as single pieces and you can all combine together. So you can create your own outfit of single pieces… 😉
I decided to go for the “BobbesJeans Capri” in light blue. It’s a really low cut capri and looks really cool with high boots as well.

The “BobbesJeans” goes perfectly together with the awsome “SpaceJacket”. This jacket comes with a lot of extras. You can change the texture to leather and you can change the colour of every part you can find on the jacket. It also comes with two shirts: the sexy bra and a really short turtleneck jersey.
The hair is called “Jenna” and I chose the onyx version. I think it is a lovely and at the same time kind of sexy haircut and matches very well with casual as well as sexy outfits.

Last but not least: Here’s my personal highlight of this outfit….. The “X-Star Shoes SkullWings”! I think it’s a really cute idea to create some cool sneakers with some wings. I totally like this gimmick! 🙂 The sneakers are also available without the wings. And you can style them your own way: you can change the colour of each part and make them look unique to the outfit you are wearing.

And here some news about *X*posion:
Next weekend (saturday and sunday) there is going to be a special with the store cards! You can save up to 50% buying one. For example the 5000L$ card – you can buy it for 2500L$!

I hope I could make you a little curious about *X*plosion and you consider a visit at its sim at you next shopping trip! 🙂



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