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Hey folks,…! This time it did not take me so long to post my next favs because this is definitely something you need to know: Argrace just released the “Early Spring Collection”! Since some days you can find the “Dot Long Skirt”, the “Leather Blouson” and the “Sunny day” shirt at the clothing section and […]

OMG! OMG! OMG! I am over the moon and I can not wait to tell you about this fantastic newness! Yesterday I visited Redgrave because Tamsin told me, that the new “Leona Skin” is stunning. After checking demos at home I went back to buy my favourite. And before I left, I felt like checking […]

Hi again! Very often my intention to find the right location for taking pictures end in vast shopping tours. The same happened when I teleported to Abyss on Monday. I did intend to make pictures and on that ocassion I just wanted to throw a glance at the shop if there is any new stuff available. This […]

Merry Christmas


Christmas is a slow and festive time. I hope that most of you can spend this wonderful time with your family and beloved ones. The OMFG…Clothes team wishes you a very merry christmas, relaxing holidays and a happy new year. The past three months were extremely exciting for us and we’d like to thank all […]

OMG … Actually I don’t know how to start, because I want to introduce some really awsome skinlines to you. I am talking about the skinlines of Glance. At the Glance mainstore you can choose from 16 different skinlines. Every skinline has 6-10 makeups. The older skinlines have six different makeups and the newer ones […]

Today’s a big day at Beauty Avatar. There are 12 new skin lines available. Each skin line comes in two different skin tones and 10 different fashion makeups. I am happy to show you some of the new skins, makeups and skin tones. Lets take a look at the Morgana skins: In the above picture you see […]

Bad Hair Day


Heyas everyone 🙂 Sunday is usual a lazy day, you were on a party the day before and need a rest 🙂 After a long pary yesterday I tried to mix-n-match again something and I hope you like it 😉 I wanna start with the hair (I love them *ggg*) they are from *booN and […]