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It was about time for a new posting, wasn’t it? Real life kept and keeps me busy and styling and blogging takes its time. As well as it needs inspirations. Well, I had some spare time lately and a special part of my inventory inspired me to do a mix and match with stuff from […]

Hey folks… I thought it is time to show you one of my fav mix and match I did at latest. As it contains not so many clothes (that’s why i called it naughty *lol*), this is going to be a short entry. But nevertheless here we go: The bra from Dutch Touch – it […]

Girl Next Door


I am sick at home and have plenty of time to do some stuff. But I am not in the mood to do something like cleaning and stuff. So I decided to check my closet for different stylings under the aspect “girl next door”. My first outfit (and also my fav of the 3 I […]