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It should have been a usual sunday evening … But sometimes it turns out different from one minute to the other! So I got an IM from Tamsin saying: “I think The Abyss has new hair!” No more words to say for leaving the club and going to The Abyss… But what we found was […]

My fav outfit of the week is this time a mix of something cosy, chic and punky … You may say this is a weird combination … but take a look and decide yourself. 😉 When I saw this “StripedSweater(Pink)” the first time, it was definitely a must have… But standing at the mainstore of […]

It has been a longe time since I visited Dutch Touch. So I was quite surprised, that I found myself at a new built mainstore. But not only the building was new to me – and I think Dutch Touch did great work on that – there has also been a number of new outfits. […]

The outfit I am going to show you today can hardly be used as an every day street wear or casual look. However, if you intend to surprise your lover or if you’re looking for a hot outfit for your next photoshot the following might be interesting for you. Now looking at the picture, what […]

I met my friend Sylone at the “Le Village” Sim yesterday. What a great opportunity to take some snaps and put them on here! We’re both wearing stuff from Emery, lets start with the tops. Sylone is wearing a cute yellow Emery shirt, I instantly fell in love with the combination of yellow and red. […]

Imagine: You wake up, nothing in mind and get a groupnotice, that new stuff arrived. And OMG this is damn HOT! Maitreya and Emery created a new theme table at the Maitreya Mainstore: “Glam Pop” or “Glam Punk” style. Emery created five hot new outfits and Maitreya created sculpted armwarmers in 21 colorstyles and three […]

Ok … I decided to go for a new weekly choice … From now on I will show you my fav outfit each week. Here we go for the first time: This outfit is a mix and match, like the most outfits I am wearing. Sometimes it is hard, because my inventory is full of […]