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It was about time for a new posting, wasn’t it? Real life kept and keeps me busy and styling and blogging takes its time. As well as it needs inspirations. Well, I had some spare time lately and a special part of my inventory inspired me to do a mix and match with stuff from […]

Hello everybody! It’s time for a lazy Sunday mix’n’match! I found a couple of cool items this weekend, so here we go: I started with Luck Inc’s Low Rise jeans, certainly not the most new thing on the SL shopping scene but I like them a lot, the idea to make two different leg colours/styles […]

Life Is Golden


Hai and Happy sunday! 🙂 I don´t wanna bother you with a long entry because it´s sunday and it´s the day of the (allowed) laziness. I just wanna show you quickly a nice outfit. Chou passed me today two dresses from So Many Styles I can use for a mix´n match. I checked what I […]

Hello ladies! After Juicys teriffic posts about casual wear and awesome sports shoes I’ll do another mix and match post with some more “elegant” items. I always love using classic items that I’ve bought long time ago and which you can mix endlessly to new clothes or accessories. One of these items is the shirt […]

Heyas! Me again … but I promised you to post my fav outfit every week. 😉 Here we go. I hope you don’t mind, that this entry is gonna be very short like a quickie. But the outfit I chose is kind of simple and not much to buy for. *smile* First of all I […]