“Bella Swan” – Look: Streetstyle


Long time has passed since I made the entry about my “Bella Swan” style, but I am still inspired by her simple streetstyle. I really like it and that’s the reason why I went shopping straight for stuff that “Bella” might wear. Maybe it is not the way how everybody would style her, but I think it would fit quite very well. 😉

First of all I needed a basic jeans just as simple as jeans can be. Actually I have a lot of different jeans at my virtual closet, but either they have too many prints or applications or I already posted them. So I went for the Dutch Touch jeans “Reg Fit” at the light dirty washed style. Just perfect for a simple streetstyle.
The Aitui “Baseball Tee – Samurai” in lit beige caught my eye immediately. I loved it from the first moment on and it goes perfectly well with the Aoharu “Military Coat” in brown.

Another thing that might be worn by “Bella” could be some turtleneck sweater because they have something cosy and sweet. The “Warm Sweater” in dust from Aitui is one which is simple but cool. I really like the prim buttons here!

This one might be a bit too daring for “Bella” but at the end I don’t really think so, otherwise I would not have chosen it to show you. It is a combination from Aitui‘s “The Marriage” in muted clay, the “Cory Cardi” in cream from Atomic and the freebie “LE.LOOK!” male scarf from Miel.

What I really like about all three outfits here is the fact, that they can be combined among each other. And that not only due to the fact – as you already might have noticed – that I always decided for brown/creamy colours, because I think they fit most perfectly with “Bella’s” charakter, as these coulors are simple and nothing bright.

Last but not least there are two unavoidable and necessary things for a style around the charakter “Bella Swan”: the skin and the hair. After I decided for me with the last post about “Bella” there is no more perfect hair than the one of the Abyss full avatar, I have to admit that I was wrong with that. The hairstyle “Sasha” from Truth (worn in mocha) is – in my opinion – as perfect as the one from Abyss.
The skin I am wearing is as simple as great and lovely to see comes from Dutch Touch and is called “JoLIe” with the creamy skin tone and smokey make up.

I am sure, most of you readers have heard from all shops I mentioned. But just in case, here the credits:

Dutch Touch


One Response to ““Bella Swan” – Look: Streetstyle”

  1. 1 Tam Congrejo

    nice one sweetheart! x

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