Sister style


Hi ladies and gents!
I haven’t written anything in a long time! A new home kept me away from the computer but I’m hoping to keep you up with my stuff now more regularely!

One thing Juicy and I ran accross the last weeks was the (now sort of) new Beauty Avatar skin and clothes collection. When we were trying out the demos we suddenly realised how different the same skin can look on two different shapes and we decided to show you exactly that. 🙂 In the following you will see the two skin lines Daria and Zeta with two different makeups each and of course on our two different shapes.



In the above pictures you see th Zeta skin with the makeups 10 and 3. This skin line has an extraordinary lip form an powerful makeups. There are 10 makeups of the skin line in total and the line comes with two skin tones.



The Daria skin line you see now also has ten makeups and two available skin tones, in the pictures you see the makeups 10 and 9. The faces of Daria have a very lovely soft shine and the makeups are beautiful too.

As we were wearing the same skin already, we thought about dressing the same too (it can be fun sometimes, can’t it?).


Here we’re wearing the Henne dress in purple and emerald. Juicy wanted to show that the dress without jacket is very nice too, so she’s wearing it without. I liked the jacket especially, the prim work is awesome and I totally love the belt that is attached to it.


Dressing the same of course always comes to an end somewhere and even (almost) sisters do have different tastes from time to time. So I got myself the Tara dress in white. It comes with a lovely jacket and I love the socks most about this outfit. Juicy decided to wear the Ronda dress, one of the few things I saw at Beauty avatar that wasn’t available in at least five different colours. Still, the black and grey combination with the scarfy neck part looks simply elegant.


The hair styles we’re wearing in the pictures are from Beauty Avatar as well, please find the details for the hair styles below!

As we’re approaching Christmas we would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry happy one. Enjoy your families, do not travel too far (just as me), have a white one if possible as well and have a healthy, lucky and fantastic new year!

Tam & Juicy


Worn skins:
Daria Natural Skin makeups number 10 and 09
Zeta Natural Skin makeups number 03 and 10

Worn clothes:
Ronda in black
Henne in Emerald and Purple
Tara in White

Worn hair:
Kiana in black
Anaya in black
Aida in brown

Everything is available at Beauty Avatar


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