I Am Back With A Friend Feature


Omg… I can not believe it. After Tam’s gloriuos come back to the blog, I am back as well. Maybe it will not be as often as I used to, but still i found now the time to do a blog entry after a long break.
I felt like featuring some good friends because one of them just has started a pose and shape store and the second is going to release new stuff at the weekend.

Now, as you will notice, the shapes on the pictures are quite differnet from my usual shape. I decided to show you three different shapes from Baffle!. I always admired Samantha – the store owner – for her unique style of her shape, so it is an honour for me show what she styled for you.

On the pic above I am wearing the shape called “Amy” and I styled it with the “Buttees” in black and the “Sweater” in bisque from Cynful. The very low cut throusers come with different style versions: with black or white or without tanga and all with or without seam. They are available in dark winter tones.

The “Sweater” is one of the stuff which is going to be released tomorrow at Cynful. It’ll be available in a summer and a winter collection. The colour bisque is one of the summer collection.
The necklace, bracelet and ear rings are the sensational “Cue Set” from Miel. Today available for 50 Linden because of the “50 Linden Fridays”. So hurry up and don’t miss this opportunity!

To present the simple and lovely “Cozy Sweater” from Cynful – one of the latest releases and available in dark winter tones – I am wearing the “Lilly” shape from Baffle!.

Last but not least something really hot. The “Cari” shape goes perfectly with the “Denim RetroRomper” in grey. You can choose between different styles u wear the romper. Some are even hotter than the style i chose. 😉 But I suggest: go and see yourself!
As asseccoires I am wearing the “Regret” necklace from CatniP and the “Leather” bracelet from UnTone.

All sytles above are combined together with the lovely group skin “Special No2 Caramel” from Dutch Touch, the Truth hair “Twiggy” in mocha and the Maitreya group gift “SoHo Boots PatentMix” in black.
The poses are all from Baffle!, and even if Sam is at the beginning of her career, I think she already shows big talent and I really like her poses. But she does not only do single poses. Here couple poses are really cute as well.

If you are curious now and can not got right to SL to have a look, please go and visit the flickr page from Baffle!!!

Dutch Touch


One Response to “I Am Back With A Friend Feature”

  1. 1 Tam Congrejo

    i like that i like that you’re back. 🙂

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