Mix And Match with Juicy


It was about time for a new posting, wasn’t it? Real life kept and keeps me busy and styling and blogging takes its time. As well as it needs inspirations. Well, I had some spare time lately and a special part of my inventory inspired me to do a mix and match with stuff from my big big inventory. 🙂
I guess you know that a good styling does not need new stuff so maybe I am able to inspire you to create a new look with clothes you already have. 😉

So let’s get started:
First there is the part of this outfit, that made me search my inventory for fitting parts. The “Mini High Waisted Skirt” (Snake Stripes) from Luck Inc.. This skirt is something special, not only because of its wide range of colours and designs. I extremly like the shadowing of the upper part.
Now my next mission was to find a matching shirt. I liked most the “lizzy tee grey” from the “london outfit” from Dutch Touch. It is simple but sexy enough to go perfect together with the high waist skirt.
But what about the boots? I have lots of black and brown ones and a lots of sneakers. After some trying I found that the Maitreya “Dune Boots” (Powder Pink) fits nice together with the “nylon stockings rolled” from the Dutch Touch group gift march.
As well from Dutch Touch is the “Jolie” skin (cream – smokey) still my current favourit.
And every outfit needs some accessoirs. 😉 I am still into scarfs so I decided to wear the “border fringe stole S-gray” from massimo! together with the “LE.LOOK! la femme – gloves” from League.
The finish of this outfit comes with the Maitreya “Zoe” hair in platinum and the addiXion “LOVE GUN” tattoo.

Now, I hope you like my mix and matching. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

Dutch Touch
Luck Inc.


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