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I am really happy to introduce a cool label which is owend by a very talentet friend of mine. And it is really about time to write something about *X*plosion! 🙂 *X*plosion has some cool, hot and trendy clothes. But not only for female avatars, also for male ones. Its range contains everything a avatar […]

Haiiiii 🙂 I know you might say – who is this??? Its been a while since my last blog entry – due to a lot of pc problems I was not able to have some time for PS – please forgive me 😦 Well X-mas is almost passed and the new year is about to […]

Sister style


Hi ladies and gents! I haven’t written anything in a long time! A new home kept me away from the computer but I’m hoping to keep you up with my stuff now more regularely! One thing Juicy and I ran accross the last weeks was the (now sort of) new Beauty Avatar skin and clothes […]

Today I want to show you some lovely stuff from a little store called Yorim’s Factory. I found the cute store of Yoriminaty Beresford on a very atmospheric japanese sim. Yorim’s style is not the common one and that’s just one fascinating thing beside the nice detailed work. First of all it’s nice to know […]

Omg… I can not believe it. After Tam’s gloriuos come back to the blog, I am back as well. Maybe it will not be as often as I used to, but still i found now the time to do a blog entry after a long break. I felt like featuring some good friends because one […]



Hello Fashionvictims 🙂 The spring is about to leave and the summer is about to start \o/ After a long time of warm clothes – scarf, gloves and big boots its about time to put yourself in some fresh summer clothes. During my shopping trip the last weekend I found some great new stuff almost around everywhere […]

Happy Easter


Hai! ^^ Yes, I am still alive and back to wish you all HAPPY EASTER. I won´t bother you with a long text but I want to take the chance to present you a wonderful dress I bought yesterday after 2 weeks without SL shopping!! ^^ It´s sweet, beautiful and well done … purrrrfect! And […]