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Lately I have been captivated by the colour purple as well as with the hippie style. The look I created this time is – I would say – kind of a modern hippie style. *g* I think the “cuffed capri holes” jeans from The Abyss is one of the “older” items that should be in […]

After a long RL party night, I really deserve a lazy sunday. So this post is just going to be a quickie. But as I lately fell in love with a stunning, sexy and different looking hoodie, I have to show you what outfit i styled around it. The sexy hoodie I am talking about […]

I guess most of you have already heard about the new hair releases of Maitreya and the new jeweleries of Zaara Kohime. I’ll take this occasion to show you my today’s style and some examples of this great newnesses. First of all my today’s style. It is a combination from MIEL‘s ebony plaid shorts and […]

Hi all together! We thought it was time again for a double feautre… As we have fun shopping together it is very likely, we buy same stuff… With this look we want to rock the road! 😉 So, today we built outfits all arround the new pants from Kyoot. As you can see, Tam and […]

White Pants


Hey hey! I was a bit lazy with posting in the last days. So I owe you some outfits. I cheched my inventory yesterday and found some white pants, the “Ishaya velour slacks”, from Zaara I bought a while ago but never have worn them. I decided to have those pants as basis for three […]

After some posts full of colour, I am back to the classic black and white combination. B/W is not only classically. It depends on the things you combine, so you can be totally cool as well. 😉 Today I wanted to catch the “star feeling” and as I am a fan of the song “Poker […]

Sexy Casual


Ok ok… after some really cute spring outfits, I felt a bit more like presenting something that’s casual but still sexy. I guess that’s the reason why I did not go for a shirt under that awsome hoodie jacket…. 😉 So, what we got here is the lovely grey “Starbrooke” jeans from Faire. Really cool […]