I Love It: The Boyfriend Look


Who doesn’t recognize the following situation: You wake up in the morning, after a long party night in the bed of your boyfriend. Your clothes from the party are not really wearworthy. So what to do? Easy answer: take a look at the boyfriends closet! Sometimes it is really suprising what you’ll find there. And the best of all, you can creat your own outfit out of his stuff. *lol* That’s what I have done today…

First of all I decided to wear a cap instead of a great hairstyle. Some days are made for caps and not for hours spending with hairstyling… *g* So,here I found at the Redgrave male section the “Cap Riding-Knit”. Together with this I am wearing one of the latest releases from AOHARU: the “CheckLongShirt” in black. It comes with four styling options: long shirt with short or long arms and short shirt with long and short arms. Beneath I chose the “Player Royal” shirt from Calypso Giano. It is also a shirt for men, but its style goes perfectly with the boyfriend look. Normally it got a black collar as well, but I am not wearing it.

No big question was the decision what jeans I would wear with this style. The male jeans “Used-Look Nr.2” deep blue together with the new male “Sign Biker” belt – both from Redgave complete the boyfriend outfit.

Furthermore I had no chance to avoid the newest release from Aitui. The new sneakers have a great style and fantastic textures! The “9ifni Sneakers” come size and colour scripted. Here you have the chance to change each sneaker by its own and choose from 15 different colours! So you are able to creat your personal sneaker look….

Last but not least, I need to tell you about my skin. 😉 It is – again (I know) – from *YourSkin*. But I am totally in love with this skins and its range. Here I am wearing the “Sole” skin with the smokey rose makeup. This skin is available with or without freckles. Usually I am not into freckles, but here I think they are really cute and nondominant. And you can decide between three different hairbases. Here I decided to wear the “Tahiti” one, because I think blond fits here perfectly.

Now, after borrowing the clothes out of my boyfriends closet, I feel really happy and maybe, if he’s nice to me, I’ll make him breakfast… 😉

Here you can find your boyfriend style:

Calypso Giano


3 Responses to “I Love It: The Boyfriend Look”

  1. 1 Tam Congrejo

    omg awesome idea! i do that, i admit it! and theres nothing more comfy than the boyfriends clothes! 😉

  2. Ohh nice look and good idea :)))

  3. Lovely androgyn style !!

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