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As I am a huge fan of “Twilight” and as the “Twilight” movie came out on DVD in Germany the last days, I thought it might be the right time to show you my “Bella Swan” outfits. As Bella is more a shy girl, her look is kind of simple and nothing bright or flashy. […]

What to wear?


Hi hi … Omg you know that problem too? You just have no clue what to wear but your closet is overstuffed?! This is one of my most commun problems … I am never sure what to wear and I spend quite a lot of time thinking about that. To make things easier for you […]

Hi again! Very often my intention to find the right location for taking pictures end in vast shopping tours. The same happened when I teleported to Abyss on Monday. I did intend to make pictures and on that ocassion I just wanted to throw a glance at the shop if there is any new stuff available. This […]

As Mariya Nesiote commented so nicely on my last post, fashion is a way to express yourself. Whether it’s a mood or your personality, with the right clothes on you can express what ever you want. Now every once in a while I feel like not putting dresses or skirts on but to wear some […]