Newness overload


Don’t we all know the occassions when we feel an urge to shop and there is just not anything new available at all? Well as far as I can tell at the moment there’s nothing that I could complain about. The last couple of days I got plenty of newness and I’d like to show you some of them now!


First of all there’s plenty of new shirts available at Aitui.  I think they were released a few days ago, all of them come with a cool print, most of the new shirts are in grey tones, some of them in brown tones. The prints range from neat mono prints – like in the below picture – to cool swirly girls stuff.


The next new item in my inventory is the lovely Kin hairstyle. As usual for Kin, the Enid cut is quite wonky. I love the diagonal cut, a must have if you ask me. It well fits to the new Rockberry skin. Did I just say new? Well I believe its quite new and as all the others, the Lily skin is just awesome. Comparing the first Rockberry skin I got with this new one, I am very surprised how the skins improved over the time.


Last but not least, there is the new Truth boots. Well, we all love shoes but these I think are just fantastic. They come in a few autumn colours and grey scales, they all got red soles I believe and well they do look quite fancy.  I combined all these new things with a pantie from Angel’s Design. I think it isn’t new at all but it’s cute, no??? 🙂

In short:

Hair: Enid in black by Kin
Skin: Lily in tan by Rockberry
Shirts: Butterflies Tee and Check out Tee by Aitui
Pantie: Shorts from Supersexy set by Angel’s Design
Boots: Nomad Boots by Truth


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