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As I am a huge fan of “Twilight” and as the “Twilight” movie came out on DVD in Germany the last days, I thought it might be the right time to show you my “Bella Swan” outfits. As Bella is more a shy girl, her look is kind of simple and nothing bright or flashy. […]

This post is about some new hot releases in combination. Usually I am not into sheer or extra low cut stuff, but this time here, I could not resist either of them. The yellow “Chequered Love” shirt is one of the beautiful latest releases by Cynful. It is available in a few different colours and […]

This mix here came out totally by chance. But I think it is worth it to be blogged. I thought a lot about how I can describe this mix, but up until now I still have no idea. It has something out of chic, classic and a touch of punky (boyfriend stuff inlcuded). But now […]

Who doesn’t recognize the following situation: You wake up in the morning, after a long party night in the bed of your boyfriend. Your clothes from the party are not really wearworthy. So what to do? Easy answer: take a look at the boyfriends closet! Sometimes it is really suprising what you’ll find there. And […]

After some posts full of colour, I am back to the classic black and white combination. B/W is not only classically. It depends on the things you combine, so you can be totally cool as well. 😉 Today I wanted to catch the “star feeling” and as I am a fan of the song “Poker […]

After a short shopping tour some days ago I want to present you a nice outfit from Sugar&Spice: I really like the combination of punk’n cosy. The “Short Parka” in Pink comes with sculpted hoody, sleeves and the bodypart. Matching to the parka i bought the “Glamorous Pants” in blue with its lovely black prints […]

Easy Going …


Hey folks! I haven’t been posting much last time. I am truely sorry for that but my RL keeps me busy and I don’t know, when this will change… But I promise I keep coming back to post my favourite outfit for you. Like this one today. My fav outfit at the moment contains nothing […]