Jui’s Favs Of The Week


Hey folks! After a long weekend I felt like blogging my current favs. They are more leisure but this is what I feel like at the moment. I combined some latest releases but take a look at yourself:

The simple leisure style contains the wonderful “BF Jeans #07” from Maitreya which got a fantastic looking, size scripted brown belt – available in different washings – and the “Dotsie” shirt in the colour rose from Cynful, which comes with all layers in long and short version – available in different colours. I really really like the sheer under part in combination with the cute dotted upper part! The shoes are the ones which stand with their unique look for leisure. I am talking about the cute “Ant Flats” from Miel – here in the colour muesli.
One of the two assecoires for this outfit is the “Knotted Scarf – Black Diamonds” from Starz

The hair is my latest fav. Called “Johanna” and comes from Detour. Have not been there for a long time until today and this was one I fell in love with from the – for me new – hairstyles.
The skin – how can it be – is one of the new Beauty Avatar skins. It is called “Delia” and I am wearing the natural skin tone with the make up 06.
Last but not least I am wearing some cool fashion sunglasses. I found them by chance today as a freebie at Fabulous Fashion TV. They are from Solar Eyewear and come with a great HUD. I had a lot of fun playing around with colours of the glas and colours – as well as textures – of the frame. You have a wide range of combinations for creating your own unique looking sunglasses, always fitting to you outfit!

Wish you all a fantasic week!

Solar Eyewear
Beauty Avatar


One Response to “Jui’s Favs Of The Week”

  1. 1 Tam Congrejo

    omg! You were busy last night! i was going to log on but my internet didnt work (AGAIN!). anyhow….I LOVE the glasses! 🙂

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