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This post is about some new hot releases in combination. Usually I am not into sheer or extra low cut stuff, but this time here, I could not resist either of them. The yellow “Chequered Love” shirt is one of the beautiful latest releases by Cynful. It is available in a few different colours and […]

Easy Going …


Hey folks! I haven’t been posting much last time. I am truely sorry for that but my RL keeps me busy and I don’t know, when this will change… But I promise I keep coming back to post my favourite outfit for you. Like this one today. My fav outfit at the moment contains nothing […]

Hey Hey guys. I hope you all had a great start in the new week. Mine was fine as I am on short vacations due to the carnival craziness around here. I am not a fan of this time of the year when all people get crazy, wear silly costumes and are totally drunken. But […]

Here we go with another mix and match, with old and new items. I’ll start with the jacket. Actually I don’t really know why I have never worn this jacked. But once worn it is hard to remove *g* The plaid jacket comes from Emery and is called “Dakota”. At the Emery mainstore I got […]

Okay, another day, another colour! On my heavy shopping trip some days ago, the pink leather jacket from Armidi caught my eye. And after 1 second of reasonable thinking if I need it or not, I just bought it. The texture are awesome and the details (especially of the collar) are great. And the best […]

Actually I did not think, it could be that easy to choose a new mix and match outfit from my big sl closet. But today it was. I opened the different “drawers” and pick the thing that feels right. It was so fast, I could not believe I was ready to go within minutes. *lol* […]

It should have been a usual sunday evening … But sometimes it turns out different from one minute to the other! So I got an IM from Tamsin saying: “I think The Abyss has new hair!” No more words to say for leaving the club and going to The Abyss… But what we found was […]