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Hello world! After I’ve had my first wonderful open air summer party I wanted to create a nice outfit for outdoor parties and as green is my favourite colour this season, I built the following outfit just for you :-): Sugarcube’s String Tank in deep green is a comfy looking prim shirt. I’m wearing it […]

As we had have a lot of sun last days – even it is spring – we really could say: Summer Is Calling … And if so, it calls also for nice short skirts and lovely t-shirts… as well as comfy sneakers… 😉 This is the reason why I am gonna show you now one […]

Hippie style


Hello Folks! You all must have realised by now that this season’s fashion is very hippie like and is made up of a lot of retro and vintage designs and patterns. I took this as an excuse to shop for some cute hippie clothes! 😉  I first went for Tuli’s Sweet Vintage Top set. This […]

Hi everone! Finally, it is time for another mix and match by me. This time I felt like wearing little cute things in blue. All in all the combination is, I believe, very simple and yet very pretty! Take a look yourself: The most obvious blue thing in the picture is of course the lovely […]