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After a little blog break I guess it is time to show you one of my fav outfits at the moment. Actually I think it is a really in demanding look, but as I had to learn, it is quite hard to find stuff in SL that is good and really fit together. Let’s have […]

Are you looking for an everyday style? Something to go shopping, to meet friends, something cool and good looking? Nothing easier than that. Just grab your one colour jeans, a simple top and combine this with a nice haircut and few asseccories. This outfit was built around the “RollUpDenim” jeans from THE CLOSET. This jeans […]

What to wear?


Hi hi … Omg you know that problem too? You just have no clue what to wear but your closet is overstuffed?! This is one of my most commun problems … I am never sure what to wear and I spend quite a lot of time thinking about that. To make things easier for you […]