My “Bella Swan” Look


As I am a huge fan of “Twilight” and as the “Twilight” movie came out on DVD in Germany the last days, I thought it might be the right time to show you my “Bella Swan” outfits. As Bella is more a shy girl, her look is kind of simple and nothing bright or flashy. I styled two outfits around “Bella Swan”:

The first look is an outfit “Bella” might wear at school. It is just a jeans. But the DYN “Charlie” jeans is a really cute looking one. I love the blue washed tone, the brown belt and lovely styled cuffs.
Together with it goes perfectly the “B-3 Jacket” for female from en Svale, which has got nice looking prim parts. The simple “Desert Boots” from Maitreya complete this look.

This second look might not be that different from the first one but if you know the movie, you’ll know that “Bella” wears a lot of earth colours instead of bright/flashy ones. This outfit could be worn at her free time and at school as well. Again it is a simple jeans. This one comes from Primitive Design and is calles “RioT” dark blue. The jacket is one of my first items i bought at Dutch Touch
. It is called “Kat” and comes with the jacket together with the fitting grey shirt. As “Bella” likes it more cosy, I think sneakers – here the “Athlete Sneakers” from Redgrave in grey – complete this outfit as well as the tan “Plaid” scarf from Miel.

For both outfits I chose the same skin and hair cut because I think they really match with “Bella Swan”. The skin is the latest release of Exodi (formerly known as Genesis). It is called “Shiloh” and I wear the honey tone with the “barley there” make up.
The hair comes with the “Opium Avatar” from The Abyss. Unfortunately it is not seperate available but if you take a look at this older entry, you’ll see, that the whole avatar is really worth it.

I hope youl like my little tribute to the “Twilight” series… 😉

Credits for the first outfit:
en Svale

Credits for the second outfit:
Primitive Design
Dutch Touch

Credits for hair and skin:
The Abyss


10 Responses to “My “Bella Swan” Look”

  1. 1 Sam

    This look is outstanding! Not the typical SL Avi – i like! 😀

  2. 2 Juicily

    thanks a lot Sam! 🙂

  3. 3 Cella

    Awwww – i love the hair 😀
    Great Outfit!

  4. Absolutely wonderful post..great look and a great blog.

  5. 5 Juicily

    thankies cella hun! *huggies*

    aaawww thank you very much wyatt! so glad u like our blog! 🙂

  6. the skins fits so great
    I wanted to make a Bella look too, but I always failed to find a fitting skin

    Awesome outfit!

  7. 7 Juicily

    thanks a lot Tiara! glad u like it!

  8. 8 Charli Turbo

    A Smile just appeared all over my face. I J’adoreeee twilight and its so nice to see outfits being posted about bella!! I really love what you have done. Resembles her really well 🙂

  9. 9 Juicily

    awww! thanks a lot Charli! your comment makes me smile, so glad u like what i did! 🙂

  10. 10 emily

    this is realy cool i love what you have done with her , it looks sooo cool x

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