Out of bed look


Hi everybody!

Sometimes I just feel like not wearing any fancy clothes and not styling my hair at all and I guess you all know these times, don’t you?

For this reason I’d like to show you my “out of bed” look – a very cozy and comfy outfit!


For that kind of look we of course need some sort of uncombed hairstyle and a cuddly shirt. Exile’s hairstyle Dominique has this rather wild and “messy” look and it’s headband has some nice colour options too (the pink tone of the headband perfectly matches the “Flower Girl” makeup of the new Shiloh skin *yay*). With it I’m wearing the very cozy Used Sweater from Niniko, one of the cutest tops I’ve seen on SL lately!


To finish this look we just need two more things: a jeans and a comfy pair of shoes! I went for Kitties Lair’s Super Low Rise Jeans. This pair comes with tons of prim options and I like the unzipped legparts most.  As it is summertime I put the cut flip flaps from J’s on. The shoes come with the usual sculpted feet and scripts for colour adjustment!


Well we’re done with my out of bed style – I hope you enjoyed!
Till next time 😉



Skin: Shiloh in skin tone Coffee with Flower Girl makeup – Exodi
Hair: Dominique in brown – Exile
Shirt: UsedSweat-hem – NINIKO
Jeans: Super Low Rise Jeans – Kitties Lair
Shoes: flip-flap & Barefoot in light brown – J’s


3 Responses to “Out of bed look”

  1. 1 Juicily

  2. 2 Cella

    I have to admit that i bought the flip flaps as well as the shirt at this weekend and i am totally in love with them – thanks for the hint tam 🙂 *huggies

  1. 1 Out of bed look | Art O Fashion Guide ArtOFashion.com

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