Another Hippie Style


After a little blog break I guess it is time to show you one of my fav outfits at the moment. Actually I think it is a really in demanding look, but as I had to learn, it is quite hard to find stuff in SL that is good and really fit together. Let’s have a look what items build my hippie look:

I think the most outstanding part here is the lovely “Hippie Skirt” in brown, made by So Many Styles. It has got a really awsome looking belt part and comes with two flexi leg and one flexi skirt part, so it looks really nice while walking. It is also available in a few other colours, but I chose the brown one because it matches perfectly with the brown “SimpleTankTop” from The Closet.

Now I want to turn your attantion to my fav part of this outfit. Please take a closer look at these cosy and lovely looking “Ant flats” made by Miel. They are available in great range of colours and they will not only fit to the hippie style but also to casual jeans styles. I totally love the cozy and simple look of them!

The nice freckled skin comes from Dutch Touch. The “Star” skin (cream special) is the latest group gift. And what kind of skin would look more perfect for the hippie look than a natural one? Together with the latest Gritty Kitty hair release “Kinder” it makes the look almost complete. “Kinder” comes with a few nice colour changing features. For an individual styling you can change colours of the strand of hair in the front part, the hairband and the two feathers each on its own!
As I said, the look was almost completed by hair and skin you will surely have recognized that the asseccories are the part, that really make a look perfect. Now, here I decided for the “Eternaty Awaits” tattoo by iNFLiCT, the “Uranus” women’s bangle&bracelet at the right hand and the women’s bracelet at the left hand by [P/a] as well as the “Coin Necklace” from Maitreya.

Finally there is nothing more to say than I hope you enjoyed this look and have fun by mix and matching your own hippie style! πŸ˜‰

So Many Styles
Dutch Touch
The Closet
Gritty Kitty


2 Responses to “Another Hippie Style”

  1. 1 Lu Demonia

    cute πŸ™‚

    love that skirt too (have the grey version). and yes the flts are gorgeous! πŸ™‚

  2. 2 Tam Congrejo

    really cute!

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