White Pants


Hey hey!

I was a bit lazy with posting in the last days. So I owe you some outfits. I cheched my inventory yesterday and found some white pants, the “Ishaya velour slacks”, from Zaara I bought a while ago but never have worn them. I decided to have those pants as basis for three outfits I want to present you.

The first outfit is a simple classy one. The white pants combined with a red and white cardigan and a red shirt from Decoy. The cardigan is one of my newest goodies and I yet love it. It´s available in bunch of colours and I think I will get at least one more. 🙂
I don´t have a lot of red stuff, so it was easy for me to decide which shoes I will wear: the Maitreya Group gift pumps in red, as there are the only classy looking shoes I have in red.

White Pants 1

The second combi with the white pants is a bit boho stylish. The “AuSoleil” dress from Couverture is very cute and comes in 2 style – with white lace and in a slightly longer version without the whitout lace. For the pants the lace version is definatly the better choice. And regarding the shoes I didn´t need to think more than 1 sec: the “TULI” pumps from Shiny Things are sooo cute and as you can change the colour of the bow they match a lot of stuff and or can be simply the colour spot for an outfit. I changed the bow to gold coz likethis they match the dots of the dress. 🙂

White Pants 2

Okay and now the third outfit. This was a challenge. The two other ones I had in mind when I found the pants but what comes now? After trying like 5 different pieces I tried one I never have worn before and of which I didn´t even know that I have it. Bust have to be for a while as I cannot remember at all that I ever have been at the SG store. OMG… Alzheimer?
I needed to make some researches for the LM but yay I got it. 🙂 The “LeeOverall Dress” is sweet and with the pink toeless socks from Dutch Touch and the London flats from Detour a perfect match for the white pants.

White Pants 3

Happy Mix´n Matching! 🙂


First Outfit:

One Response to “White Pants”

  1. 1 Tam Congrejo

    great great – i got myself white pants in rl today! *chuckle* 😉

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